August 18, 2013

WARNING: There Might Be a Big Dog in Your Cell Phone

It's a dog eat dog world literally when it cones to the various ways you can make money on the web. Yet technology is a never-ending process that is always changing, and with it cones new ways, new opportunities for work-at-home moms.

Today's online companies have taken advantage of cell phone technology because more and more people rely on them, more often than we really should.

We can practically schedule our entire lives and live on our cell phones. We use them for everything, and I really do mean everything!

So, with this knowledge, companies like Big Dog Rewards are offering mobile users a way to make a little extra money without even having to be at home. It's actually very genius because you can make money anywhere life takes you.

Big Dog Rewards is a cell phone application that allows you to accumulate points, which can then be turned into cash and sent to your PayPal account.

Earning points looks fairly simple and most ways to earn won't cost you anything. I'm actually just getting started with this program, so as I use it more and more, I'll post updates. I've already earned 50 points just for signing up.

There are two ways you can earn points. You can:

Invite others to be a part of Big Dog Rewards

Install applications on your mobile phone

Once you earn enough points you can redeem them for cash. For example:

200 points = $1
450 points = $3
650 points = $5

Now keep in mind, Big Dog Rewards won't make you rich overnight, nor do they claim to. Most of the apps you'll be installing on your phone give you 10 points on average. There are however, plenty of apps to choose from.

Many of the apps are games, so this is a perfect program for teens with pre-paid phones looking for a little spending cash, or gamers who wouldn't mind getting paid for playing free games.

One of the games I saw was the CANDY CRUSH game everyone seems to love, so the games are not ones that are unheard of.

One thing I do want to be straightforward about. I signed up with Big Dog Rewards a few days ago and have yet to see my points for signing up, post to my account. But, I'm thinking maybe it takes them a week to clear everything? We will see.

Still, I am hearing a lot of positive information about them, so I believe it's worth a shot.

If you would like to follow me on this entrepreneur journey, you'll need my invite code.

To get started, go to: and use my invite code: theinsanewriter