July 10, 2013

We Only Have Today

It irritates me that those who mean the world to me, don't see my writing as a real business.

I may not own or run a store or be as successful as places like Starbucks, but my writing is real and it is a business.

I sell my work to clients on a weekly basis and get paid for it just like any job.

I have to keep track of my expenditures I accumulate and use when I write and I must file taxes just like other businesses.

So you tell me, how is my writing not a business? How does it not count as a real job, a real career?

So if you have a passion you consider a business, how do you deal with all of the negativity? Or are you still keeping that passion on the back burner? Is it because you've been told you can't make a living from it or because you don't think you can afford to turn your passion into a reality? Either way you can do it.

Don't let others stop you. Don't make excuses. Learn, "How to Build Your Business (any kind of business) on a Budget - http://t.co/0b1ToT3dTO", then make it happen! Make it real! Start living your life, not someone else's.

Garth Brooks once sang, "If Tomorrow Never Comes"......... Well what if it doesn't? We don't have forever. We only have today.