July 12, 2013

To Shave or Not to Shave. That Really is the Question

The Schick Hydro Silk Razor had my attention the moment I heard about it, so I took Schick up on their free sample offer and gave it a try.

Now this was taking a big chance for me because believe me razors are not my friend. It never matters what the claim is, I have yet to meet a razor that hasn't torn up my legs so bad that it took hours just to stop the bleeding.

I have what's known as fish scale disease. The disease leaves my legs severely dry and covered in flaky scales that become worse in the winter months, so you can imagine what running a razor across them can do.

Once I received my sample of the Schick Hydro Razor I'll be honest, I was a little hesitant to try it right away. After all, I'd been through so many razors that didn't work, as much as I loved the thought of a five blade razor that moisturizes, it still made me nervous.

But when the hair on my legs became noticeable, I finally gave it a try. Even with a light touch, it left a few nicks and some irritation, but that was without shaving cream.

However, the claim of leaving your legs moisturized long after your shave isn't entirely true. In fact, it didn't really leave any moisturizer on mine at all.

I have to give this razor a 7 out of a 10 simply because it did do a better job than other razors I've used in the past, but still has its quirks.

In addition, I think this razor would benefit those who don't have a problem with dry skin like I do. It's certainly worth giving it a try.