July 10, 2013

Bound - by the Insane Poet

Photos of jewelry flooded the computer screen, but only one photo really caught Jenna's attention; a white gold chain necklace with a black diamond pendant.
It pulled her in such a way as a hypnotist would with his or her next victim, yet there was also a powerful, almost mystic force behind it that drew her to a link below the photo that read, click for more information.
But before she was able to click on the link, a loud-pitched screech echoed through her living room, followed by pounding at her front door that pulled her from the heightened trance and compelled her to answer it.
Yet as soon as she had pulled the door open, a bright flash of light filled the living room and images of the black diamond pendant necklace flashed before her. It pulled her out into the darkness, into the street where oncoming traffic continued down the block, oblivious to her movement.
Movement that reached the center of the road and suddenly stopped, the trance broken just in time to see the bright headlights heading straight for her.