July 9, 2013

Being Played

I'm all for making a living online. I like having my own hours because it means being able to spend more time with my family. What I don't like is seeing all of those MLM offers filling up my inbox and taking over my facebook page. Now they're appearing on my Twitter page, the source behind them pretending to be your new best friend just so they can steal your money and run.

They're why I get leary of adding new people to my Twitter account. I'm a writer and don't need a crappy MLM offer wasting my precious time by pretending to be something they're not. Seriously, you would not believe how many pretend to be just a mom, or another writer and nothing more. Then suddenly they start spamming you with pushy marketing offers that claim you'll get rich quick if you just become a part of their team.

Now don't get me wrong, not all of those guys are bad guys. There are some true to the heart offers that won't bullshit you and will tell you how it is.

Being a writer, it's not really for me, but if you're "Tired of Playing (MLM) Games - http://t.co/qo7PzAeCs" then get the real answers. You deserve the truth and nothing less.