July 1, 2013

Are You Really Living the Writer's Dream

One of the biggest struggles as a writer is living paycheck by paycheck, and when you have a lot of debt, often times it feels like a major struggle just to survive.

Thankfully I paid off most of my debt years ago. I'm down to one credit card for emergencies and even that one I'm paying off because it has such a high interest rate.

What most people don't understand though is that credit cards aren't the only way you can accumulate debt, a mortgage, car payment or old hospital bill can also put you in the negative.

However, that doesn't mean you have to give up your dream as a writer just because you're swimming in the negative. It just means you need a plan on " How to Get Out of Debt - http://t.co/IDGoxiuCoM" and get your spending under control.

Heads up though, it won't be easy. I'm still struggling. But being practically debt-free has given me the push I need to continue my writing and I am looking forward to the day where it will be a full-time career.