June 22, 2013

The Things I've Learned Along the Way

Being a writer doesn't require me to spend a lot of money if any, to gain clients, but at one time I wanted to open up a nightclub which meant big bucks.

Unfortunately I didn't have a major source of cash to spare and then when I was told I qualified for a business loan I was led to disapointment as in I didn't qualify all in one day.

So I took a desperate measure and talked to a friend about becoming a partner in the nightclub business. Big,big mistake.

Before I knew it my partner was trying to call all of the shots,including hiring others of his choice only. It became very frustrating to the point I decided a nightclub just wasn't worth it after all. And the friendship eventually crumbled.

Today I'm my own boss and who knows, maybe some day I'll open a bookstore or smoothie shop on an island somewhere, but for now I'm just trying to learn as much as I can with helpful blog posts like, "Questions to Ask Yourself Before Entering Into a Partnership - http://t.co/aEAfwrqNdb"

But I'm sure there's still a lot more to learn!