June 15, 2013

P&G Products Review

A great hello to my insanity readers. It has been a crazy day in the Smith-Anderson household and my only day off from work. Yet here I am because I love writing and because Shespeaks has done it again. They've partnered with P&G to share in the love of America's favorite products courtesy of P&G and sent a goody box to me.

Inside my goody box I found Olay moisturizing body wash, Gillette shave moisturizer, a tide to go pen and covergirl lipshine gloss, oh my. So many fun and fantastic products thanks to Shespeaks and P&G.

Now I have to admit not every product I received I loved. In fact, I hated the Covegirl duo step lip color in number 295 and clear gloss. While the color goes on great and the gloss gives a nice shine, it left my lips less than an hour later with minimal activity and created a sticky after feel.

However, I'm very fond of the Olay moisturizing body wash. In all honesty when I stepped in the shower, I was expecting the simpleness of a nice clean scent and not much else. What I got was the experience of a luxurious scent that left my skin feeling silky smooth even along after my shower. Kuddos for such an awesome body wash.

Of course for obvious reasons, I enlisted in the help of my father-in-law for his feedback on the Gillette shaving moisturizer. The result was a masculine clean scent that left his face soft to the touch after shaving. Now any woman could appreciate that I'm sure!

One of the biggest problems around our household is messes, especially on spaghetti night. The kids tend to leave a stain or two on their clothes and laundry is the last thing I want to be doing after a long day at work. The Tide on the go pen I've found is a fantastic alternative to keep those stains at bay until I can get those clothes washed. Plus, it's killer for those road trips when eating in the car is a must. A very good example of this is; me, white and fast food while driving. You can imagine the end result I'm sure!

All in all, I'd say P&G has got a good thing going with all of the great products they have to offer. I am very honored that I was chosen by Shespeaks to be a part of the experience in trying P&G's family of products. Thank you so very much!