May 6, 2013

Why I'm Beginning to Hate the Customer Service at Taco Tico in Independence, Kansas

Stale taco shells. You would think  that would be enough for me to say nay to taco tico for a very long time. Yet, I'm determined to give them a chance because the staleness doesn't happen too often. However, when the shells are seriously stale, the drive-thru employee is bitchy towards their customer about making an order of tacos, and then after we get home, learn that we were 2 tacos short, there's a problem.

Listen, you might not think that two tacos short is a big deal, but when you're on a budget and trying to make every penny count, it is a very big deal. Plus, I've really started to notice that the customer service in this town stinks majority.

What is it with the fast food places around here anyway?