May 18, 2013

The Town's People

She clicked on the link to and browsed at their selection of eyewear. Not only did they carry eyeglasses, but they carried some really cute sunglasses as well.Hers had gotten broken in a fight long since forgotten and with as much daytime driving as she'd done lately, it was time she invested in a new pair.

Sure it should have been simple enough to just buy a pair from a local store, but she lived in a town where nothing was ever simple and the town's people were very old-fashion. It was a wonder they even believed in technology although going online was forbidden.

Still she refused to give into their ways and chose to use the internet away from the town to purchase what she needed.

Yes she knew there would be consequences, but facing it would be something she would deal with when the time came. She did not believe that demons possessed the internet or the souls of those who used it. She believed that the town's people were just scared of anything new. She was not and would prove them wrong or die trying.