May 18, 2013

The Best of the Best

He posted the ad for, accountant raleigh nc, then leaned back in his office chair and admired his creativity. It wouldn't be long now before clients would be flocking to him, asking for his help. He liked his job and working with numbers. And he was damn good at it. In his opinion, companies would do best to use his services and thank him for his reasonable prices.

But he'd learn after years of being the best that companies were just too damned greedy to be thankful. Nowadays it was all about the money and being the best of the best. It was why he chose to bleed that greed despite what his ad showed. No one needed to know and no one was the wiser either. It was his own way of being the best of the best with numbers and money. A little here a little there. Nope. No one was the wiser.