April 13, 2013

Waking Up Dehydrated

Lately I've been waking up dehydrated. I've also found myself wanting more water throughout the day.

Unfortunately, I'm also one of those individuals who forgets to drink enough water to keep myself hydrated. The good news is, I'm one of those girls who loves water! I don't need flavored water or the simple addition of a lemon slice to add to it. I can drink it simple and plain and still really enjoy it.

I grew up loving water because I didn't like sweet drinks. My parents tried to give me soda when I was younger, but I was never a fan of the stuff. It just seemed to dehydrate me more, just as sweet tea and other flavored drinks like kool-aid did.

I guess in reality, I was setting myself up as an adult for a healthier lifestyle. Now don't get me wrong, coffee with flavored creamer was one of those exceptions to the rules as well as a good beer or mixed drink.

Over time I had to give those up as well because my bladder said so, and as we know when our bodies are trying to tell us something, we damn well better be listening if we don't want to find ourselves in an early grave!

Yet I still had this teeny tiny problem for not drinking enough water! Okay, so maybe it's a bigger problem than I thought!

For one, I have ADHD and let me tell you it's a battle that I may never win! But, I'm determined when it comes to my health, and yes I have fall off the bandwagon more than once. I am not perfect and will never claim to be!

So I was searching apps for my phone and may have found one that will help remind me to drink more water. I'm just tired of being tired,sick of my severe dry skin that now even effects me during the warmer days.....

I mean I know I have a skin disease, but something's got to give! Plus that darn thing we see very rare of and like to call energy,would be so nice! I'll let you know how my progress goes, if I can remember!