February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day, It’s Not About Love, But It’s My Story

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I was looking though some old notes that I wrote and ran across one about the holiday. I had intended on turning it into a post on my blog, but decided not to, then tossed that note into the trash. Yet it’s still fresh in my memory and again, tomorrow is that ever so dreaded holiday for many.

I almost wrote a Valentine’s letter. I wanted to include it on 94.9 my FM our local radio station. My plan was to just write about what was in my heart, then give the gift to someone who really deserves the treat. Someone like a local town hero or someone down on their luck, but I just can’t find it in my heart at the moment to share a love story. So instead, I will share my own story.

When I was a child it was the most dreaded holiday for me. Especially at school. There was that thing where you picked out Valentine Cards, then placed them into other kids Valentine’s sacks at school in hopes that you would get some in return. It’s a torture that no child should ever have to go through. Every year the only Valentine I can remember getting was the ones from my teacher. Other Valentines never graced their presence in my little sack. At first I became excited about seeing what awaited for me, but after years of only one card, if any, I dreaded the painful reminder that I was not liked in grade school. I was a very shy child and that alone was pain enough.

Then as the years moved on and I became a wife and a mother, I tried to remind myself that it was just a simple holiday. I’d watch the world around me enjoy the holiday and even tried to set into motion of sharing what was in my heart with the ones that I loved, trying to expect nothing in return. It came to no surprise that I received just that and sometimes even a painful reminder of where I stand in this life.

Tomorrow is the big day, and I hope for those whom choose to do the Valentine thing, as a child or as an adult, make sure you include that shy person, shy child, even if it’s a simple Happy Valentine’s Day. You never know where it may lead and whose heart you may truly touch.