October 6, 2012

This Always Being Sick Just Isn’t Working Out For Me Anymore

I’m wondering if I should change my diet. Lately it seems my body is just not liking me at all. I’ve seen more doctors in the past month than I really care to, and now I’m feeling like crud again. I’ve been shifting my diet a little at least. I’ve been eating fruit for breakfast, but the rest of my eating schedule has been out of whack. I think I really need a change. I’ve been eating a lot of  white pasta and I know that’s not really good at all.

I’ve also noticed that when I drink coffee or black tea, my bladder/kidney becomes irritated and I tend to start bleeding. Definitely not a good thing. Need to be drinking a lot more water and stick with the herbals. And I guess if I want to start feeling better and get my body back I need to start making some serious changes. Otherwise I just need to shut up and stop complaining.