October 6, 2012

Messing With Perfection

I know of a friend who swears by mobile spray tanning equipment verses a regular tanning bed or the sun. I must admit his choice is much better than the alternatives, but I thought tans were a thing of the past because of the risk of cancers. Personally those tanning sprays don’t work for me because they make me look a nasty orange with white splotches here and there where my dry skin has decided to be stubborn and stay. However, my friend looks absolutely wonderful using the sprays.

But have you seen the lady who took tanning a little too far and even involved her daughter? But that to my understanding was because of a bed. I mean, how gross is that? Who would want to look like that? And why put a child through it?

My own personal opinion is this, whether you’re naturally dark or naturally pale, you’re you and still beautiful, so why mess with perfection?

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