September 12, 2012

My Love For the Thrifty

The other day I noticed an article in our local Independence Reporter about more and more people spending their hard earned money at thrift stores verses department stores. Years ago it was unheard of and often kids were met with cruel teasing and sometimes punishment for parents who couldn't afford anything more than used clothing and hand-me downs. Today it's the new fad. Everyone's doing it. Tomorrow it may very well be yesterday's news. To me it's a way of life.

I grew up going to yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets. Every spring on thePicture 092 weekends I went with my dad to hunt for buried treasure that other people were throwing out during spring cleanup. I ended up with some good finds as well as fun memories. Today you can no longer find spring cleanup items around here because the city no longer hosts the event. Whatever happened to the good ole' days?

One thing is for sure, we can still find plenty of yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets in southeast Kansas. I love them. They hold fabulous bargains for those on a budget and you can find some fun treasures that are worthwhile. I also love that more and more people are finding that used items are worth a second look.

A while back I ran across an estate sale that sold me too books from the 1800's for a nickel each. And at another sale, I bought an outfit that was purchased in England worn when the owner met Princess Diana. So bargains are the only treasures you can find for sale when you consider used. I can only hope this newfound love continues to become popular for years to come. After all, you never know what piece of history awaits your next weekend yard sale adventure.