August 6, 2012

The Request–Tim Kennedy

Fighter tim kennedy stood tall and ready for battle as he waited to see what his opponent's next move would be.  would Tim be ready? Could he handle that move with ease or would he fall at just one look, one touch. This would not be an easy match, but he was determined to give it all his go. He would not break down, for if he did, he would never be the same again.

He stood ready, but that sudden tear that fell from her cheek had his heart breaking and he knew he would never win this match. “Okay, a piggy back ride it is.” He bent down to the little girl’s level, a fan who had requested not an autograph, but a simple ride on his shoulders. How could he resist those big blue eyes and that smile that lit up the world with a yes to the request as he extended he picked her up and placed her on his shoulders.