August 15, 2012

So How Was Your Day

Just when I thought I somewhat had life licked, the fuel pump goes out on my van and I learn it will cost me a whopping $283.99 to replace! The good news is I got the van back at the house with the help of an old family friend/distant cousin. I also have a ride for work for tomorrow and Friday. So much for enjoying my day off.

Plus I had a ton of things to do today. Had to walk to it all to get it done, but that's okay. Ended up updating my license, which didn't take long at all. Then it was off to deposit some money into an account to pay the electric bill, then pay the doctor bill, which I learned I can only do by mail.

Finally I stopped by the eye doctor to schedule appointments for the boys. She's so busy that October is the earliest they can see her! Umm Wow! I also tried to reschedule a doctor appointment my youngest son has in September because it's on a day and time I'm at work, but had to keep it since the doctor isn't in town on my days off. I think I've got everything caught up. I hope! So how has your day been?