August 15, 2012

I Want an Ouija Board Just to See if it’s True

Last week I believe it was, I went to a ghost hunter's presentation with the whole kit and kaboodle in this household. It was interesting, but not really what I expected. First of all, everything they presented just didn't seem real. Some did, some didn't. But the one thing they kept saying that peaked my interest, actually a couple of things,

1) They say ouija boards are a big no-no in the spirit world (it's a game for kids, come on) and

2) They had to ask if there were any psychics present even though they had a psychic with them. With that one, I'm just wondering if physics can sense one another.

I didn't raise my hand because I only have some sense of things, and really didn't want to get involved in the whole thing. I went mostly for the boys and more specifically, my 15 year old who loves that stuff. Still, enquiring minds want to know.