July 21, 2012

The Traffic of Hollywood

“Well, there are swimming trophies at quicktrophy.com, you know?” Addy pointed out to her brother who looked more pissed off than usual as he tried to maneuver through the traffic in downtown Hollywood.

“Excuse me my dear sister, but does it look like we’re on the internet?” Addy shrugged at his question as he continued to weave and dodge through the heavy rush hour traffic.

This had been a very big mistake to agree to take her with him. It was bad enough that he was expected to pick up a trophy for the winner of their mom’s future Olympic Team meet, but his sister really made him want to reach across the seat and smack her with one of his CD’s or something. And as annoying as she was, she could very well cause them to wreck just from her loud mouth.

Two cars ahead of him the traffic jam had slowed to a screeching halt and he wondered if he could stand listening to his sister for even one more second. Where was that damn CD when he needed one. But then again, why waste a perfectly good band on her.

“Hey something is going on.” He could hear her yammering on, and he guessed it probably had to do with some famous pop-star dude that was holding up traffic by signing autographs and announcing his existence to the world. He’d been shaking his head at that outlandish thought when his sister suddenly screamed and a building began to fall almost as if in slow motion, right in front of them.