July 21, 2012

Lily of Colorado

She smeared the Psoriasis cream onto her infected rosy skin and frowned. It had been seven torturing months since she had been at the saloon, yet her soulmate still had not come for her as he had promised he would. Seven long months! Where was he. Why had he left her there to rot in a hell not even fit enough for rats. The owner of the saloon put fear into the girls, and if they did not make enough money for him, they were given to the Joeseph Mckiam’s notorious outlaw gang and tortured as they saw fit.

Lily had been tortured once the infection had covered her body. No cowboy wanted her, not even the outlaws, and she was just fine with that. But the torture was unbearable at times as she’d experience the whip, fire and blades of the gang for her ugliness. Tonight she knew nothing but numbness. They had burned her skin over and over until the pain was no longer there.