July 24, 2012

Just the Jittery Ramblings of an Insane Day

Today has already been a bit of a crazy day. Started off trying a new product from Casey’s General Store called Jitterbeans. They’re chocolate covered coffee beans. The entire box is suppose to equal 6 cups of coffee. Umm I only022 ate about 1/4 of the little box, if that, and I’m already hyped up!

Now not to say that’s always a good thing, but I woke up feeling like crud today. My entire body hurt like I’d slept way too much. Went to bed at 10pm and got up at 8am. I was up every two hours it seemed like, just to go to the bathroom.

After starting my day off with hyperness, I decided to do a homemade recipe for laundry soap. I’m all about savings and found a few good ones that really work. Was buzzing along just fine getting the laundry soap mixture done, when the next thing I know, the soap overflowed! What a mess and it got on my phone. So now I’m hoping my phone is okay. It seemed to be until my cousin called me and I could hear a lot of static in the background. Sigh. Hope it was not due to getting liquid all over it. Sometimes I am such a clutch.

How is your day going so far? Better than mine I hope!