July 1, 2012

How You Can Make Money Blogging in Your Spare Time Like I Do

Do you have a blog? If so, are you making any money from it? Even if you are, is it a lot and do you get paid once a week, once a month? How about once a day? No? Then where have you been? If you're like me, you probably love blogging no matter what. Chances are you didn't start writing those posts because you wanted to make money. You did it for the love of sharing your story with the world. But now times are tough and you wouldn't mind a little extra cash to pay off those unexpected bills or take that summer vacation you just couldn't afford before.

That's why I love Empower Network. It combines my love of being a blogger while providing me with the tools I need to make a little extra income online. Yes, you can do that with free blog sites like wordpress and blogger, but there are some huge differences with that.

  • You can't make 100 percent on your commissions.

  • You can't receive those commissions immediately and you usually have to wait to make a specific amount of money before you can cash out.

  • They're not an authority website where you as a member get a higher rank in the search engines immediately.

  • They don't show you how to get traffic to your posts right away. And usually, it takes months to building up your traffic on your own.

  • They don't show you how to take that traffic and convert it into sales. This is something else you must do on your own and can take months, even years if you don't really know how to do it.

  • With Empower Network you can do all of that! You can create a business that is truly yours by simply blogging. That's something you already do, right? You can learn how to drive traffic to their products or to your own products. Either way, you'll make money! You can even blog about your passions. You can share your love for cooking, books, healthy living, your family or whatever moves you.

    I don't know about you, but I've been blogging for years and I love it. I also love the idea of taking my blog to a whole new level and making a living from it. Maybe I won't get rich from it like those high-tech bloggers do, but I can certainly make a few hundred extra a month or even a grand or two and I can do it by starting at the bottom and working my way to the top. It won't happen overnight, but it's possible if you're willing. Here's How:

    Level 1: This is the basic $25 a month package. It's where we all have to start to get to the other levels. This level includes all you need to get started. There are sales funnels, capture pages and most importantly the blogging platform that you'll use to create your posts. You'll also get the tools that will show you how you can drive traffic to your blog posts and convert that traffic into sales.

    Level 2: This package, also known as the inner circle is $100 a month, but includes a lot of extra goodies like advice from the top producers of Empower Network on how they made it to where they are today, and how you can get there too.

    Level 3: This is the 1 time $500 package that's David's Costa Rica Mastermind plan. It offers David's very own techniques that brought him to where he is today. It's extreme, but the best!

    So there you have it. 3 levels of success. Get to the top and you may very well be one of those top producers sharing your secrets as a blogger. Or maybe you'll challenge David Wood and show him how you're making more than he is?

    About the Author of this Article:

    In her continuing efforts to be a stay-at-home parent, The Insane Writer has found programs like Empower Network just one of the many ways that will allow her to spend more time with her children.

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