July 14, 2012

Friday the 13th Made It’s Debut In This Insane Writer’s Life

I’m not a big superstition freak, but I was amazed that everything just kept going0_1(4) wrong and was creep city in my life yesterday. It’s started with a family who picked up money from Walmart just like me. Same amount of cash and at the same time. Then they left  Walmart the same time I did and ironically owned the same type of minivan and parked right next to me. Plus every kid in the household, 6 mind you, just went crazy.

Now that’s about as weird as it gets until today then all hell broke loose. First I have gas money stolen that was going to be used to pick up my oldest son in a few days. Then I learn that my yahoo account information was stolen by some damn hacker. Really? 2 thefts in one day? I wonder what else is going to come my way today!