July 25, 2012

Facing the Demons

When she’d first been on the run, she’d been using the smart card credit card to fund her expenses. It’d never really dawned on her then that the FBI could track her whereabouts every time she used it. This time around however, she’d learned from her mistake and had used cash only everywhere she went.

She had even made sure that she’d used an alias name and made sure there was no paper trial whatsoever. She’d had enough experience the first three times, that now she felt like a pro at it. But the over and over dejavu scenes were beginning to take its toll. Repeating the same scenarios day after day had weakened her in more ways than one.

But in reality she had no time to think about that. Instead, she needed to focus on the trial and what lied ahead. Soon she would find herself once again in that electric chair, facing the demons that refused to let her leave this world in peace.