July 11, 2012

The Company –An Inside Job

He stayed hidden in the shadows, listening to the conversation between his co-workers. The topic was about business liability insurance, and he was no stranger to the subject since their boss had came to him about it a few days ago. It was also the reason he stayed hidden in the shadows.

His co-workers were not happy about the latest company action, and they believed that the insurance would affect their paychecks. They were right. His boss had decided in order to make that addition a part of the company, she would take the due premiums out of the employees earnings. It was bad enough that the company paid out very little when several employees were hurt in the fire a few months ago, but now this. It was no wonder they were angry at the entire situation.

Maybe now an investigation could be started where that fire was concerned. Someone had set it, he was certain of it. It was just a matter of who and he was fairly certain the job had been done from inside of the company.