July 25, 2012

Changes I’m Wanting to Make

Lately I’ve been trying to walk everyday since I’m doing a lot of sitting at the laptop with work. Anymore my body just can’t handle a lot. I go to bed before midnight and I’m up by at least 8am. Even then my body lets me know that’s082 just way too much sleep.

I’m hoping the walking will help me get back into shape and give me some energy again. I also want to start eating healthier, but it’s hard when you have 9 people in the household and there are a lot of tastes in food.

But we’ll see, and I’m kind of encouraged when it comes to the workout thing again, so I’m hoping something becomes of it. I have a set of weights, but they’re about 2 pounds each, which won’t do much for me. However, I also have the cables you use to tone your body, so I’m thinking I should really start using those.

I thought about doing the measurement thing just to see how I’m progressing, but I’ve done that before then given up if I don’t see any improvement after a week or so, so let’s not and say we did, shall we?