June 7, 2012

Waiting in Hell

She saw the child in the distance and the man who had approached her. He had crossed the street and was now talking to her although she couldn’t make out the words. The man wore strange clothing and so did the little girl. She was also pushing a contraption that carried something she had been singing to only a few moments before. Where had she been? Was this even her world. She needed to know.

She started to approach them both, when she heard her from behind. She couldn’t let the old witch get the scroll, and this was the worse place to be. No sacred grounds. There was a stone building in the cemetery only a few yards in front of her. If she could make it to that, maybe she could stand a chance. But the closer she thought she was to it, the faster the old witch seemed to gain speed. And then there was the man. One minute he had been talking to the child, but now he was standing in front of the building, waiting.