June 4, 2012

Unstoppable Perfection

A ph meter was needed to measure the PH of the solution. She was tired, but it had to be done. It needed to be done. It didn’t matter that it was a quick effort to create a chemical, a product that would make her perfect. Perfect to the world, to everyone around her. Because perfect she was not.

She was hated everywhere she went. People stayed away from her, no matter how nice she was. They pointed at her and laughed. They mocked her and she couldn’t understand why. And yet when they needed something, she was always the to go to girl, always. And when they were done, they threw her away like rotten garbage that they refused to touch. She was used and abused. And yet she took it, kept taking it, over and over.

Now she was done. She was through with it all and the chemical was her way through them all. Swallow it and become perfect because that was they wanted. Perfectionist and if they wanted perfect, by fucking god they were going to get it! She swallowed the chemical mixture and smiled. Her life was about to change forever and not a damn human being was going to stop. She was like Willow from Buffy, unstoppable.