June 5, 2012

Survival of the Flesh

The department store carried nothing but Hats for Men. Toby let out a frustrating grunt, but then felt his friend’s over his mouth as she pointed across the way to another store in the mall. There were 3 of them. They were moving slowly, sniffing the air like male dogs searching for the females in heat.

Toby grumbled under Liz’s hand as they slipped into a shadowy corner of the store. They were too far away for the 3 to notice them by scent, but not far enough by sight. If Toby and Liz were seen, there was no way they could outrun them, and they had no way of killing the flesh eating fuckers.

All they could do was hope and pray they hadn’t been spotted. But they had, Toby suddenly realized, and now they were headed right for them.