June 3, 2012

Superman and Lois

Two of my favorite characters in the world. I know they are fictional, but I see a love there that knows no boundaries. Superman also had another love. Lana. A high school sweetheart, and it also makes me wonder how Lois really felt about the competition. But in the end, Lois won Superman’s heart.

Remember the movie where the missile caused some severe damage, including the death of Lois Lane? That scene where he pulls her out of the car and is careful with her as he lies her already lifeless body on the ground. Then the tears fall and he’s angry at himself and changes history. And when he does, her car is out of gas and he’s there in front of her, the greatest smile on his face. It’s a scene that makes me cry every time. The greatest scene of all time to me.

The second greatest, is from the Last of the Mohicans where Uncas fights to the death to save the woman he loves. And when the enemy tries to get the woman to go with him after Uncas’s death, she backs away shaking her head, then falls from the cliff to join Uncas.

The third greatest comes from the movie, Where the Heart Is where Forney comes crashing through the Wal-mart window when Novalee is in labor, to help her.

The greatest love. Love that knows no boundary. Funny because I went to look up Where the Heart is on youtube for an inspirational music video and youtube pulls up Superman and Lois instead. How ironic. Another sign it seems. So ironic. I am still holding out for my hero, my superman.