June 1, 2012

The Secret Room

He pushed the corner fireplace inward,  revealing a secret room. No one knew about it but him. He had discovered it one night, when he’d leaned against the fireplace after having a few too many drinks.

When he’d first discovered it he thought it might have been something spectacular like an old sacrificial room. But the room had empty and the walls bare. Whoever had built this room must have used it for something as simple as storage.

Now it was his place away from everyone. A space where he could go when he needed some time away from the family. He’d kept the room minimal with just a table, chair and a lantern. Stepping inside of the room he lit the lantern and closed the fireplace wall.

Tonight he’d brought his bottle of whiskey with him. Things were not good at work or at home and he needed a drink. In fact, he needed several drinks. Taking a swig straight from the bottle, he smiled as the liquid burned smoothly down his throat. Just the way he liked it. A couple of more swallows and he was feeling more relaxed than he had been all week. A few more drinks and he would be fine for the rest of the night. then he could face the family.

But a few more swigs was enough to make him feel more than just fine. He stumbled toward the fireplace wall in front of him only to fall into the wall on the left. The wall gave way to reveal another room, one that was not meant for a human to find.