June 2, 2012

The Ramblings of a Mad Man

As I sit here in silence, I find myself debating wanting a smoke. The night is so calm that boredom has set in. I have nothing else to do. Nowhere to go. There are no humans anymore. Sometimes the night is so still that the only thing I think Ican hear is the sound of me breathing. In another lifetime maybe.

Now there is a single car driving down the road, flashing its lights and honking the horn. I wonder why. Doesn’t the car know that they can get a ticket for noise pollution? But then I see the cop car rushing behind it, almost appearing out of nowhere. The car doesn’t pull over. Instead it keeps going and I suddenly wonder if it will even stop before it hits the sand and ocean. It doesn’t.

But as strange as things already are, the cop car follows right into the ocean and it dawns on me that maybe the electroidians are behind this madness. It’s time now for me to go inside. The sun will be coming up soon and I don’t want to be out in it when it does. I am not ready to die yet. My life has just started.