June 30, 2012

How I’m Investing in My Life As a Stay-At Home Mom, and How You Can Too

I am a full-time stay-at-home mom. Not many moms get that privilege since it really takes two incomes to survive in this tough economy. But with the outrageous price of daycare, no family nearby to watch the kids, very few jobs in this small town and the high rise of gas prices, bringing in some extra income is a must. So how do I do it in this dog-eat-dog world you may be wondering.

Well first off all, let me tell you it's not an easy task. So, if you're expecting a fast way to make income, you're looking in the wrong place. You're also looking in the wrong place if you're lazy and don't like work. But for most of us, this really isn't a problem. We as moms are already in business. We work full-time taking care of our children, our spouses, our home, etc. So working online to make a little extra income isn't going to be too much of a challenge. But for me, I like challenges!

David Wood of Empower Network challenged me. I liked what he had to say about using my blog and writing skills to create income. And to be honest, I'd already been doing that, but not as much as I really wanted to. At one point I had almost given up and decided my life just wasn't worth investing in. I was one of those people that thought I could get rich by sitting around and doing nothing. But I learned the hard way that I had to become serious with my writing and my blog if I wanted to start doing things in life. I simply cannot expect others to take me seriously if I post a blog saying, And this is what I'm having for lunch today. It's boring and people don't want to read about that unless you're some big-name celebrity.

So I took notes and really studied the idea behind Empower Network. I learned they take the technology out of blogging so even those of us who are beginner bloggers can do this! I also learned that my blog can be making 100% commissions with them, where before I was only making a few dollars here and there with what little advertising I had on my blog. That is a huge difference!

It also took me a long time to get traffic to my blog. I was blogging before the day and age of the click of a button and your post is sent to every social networking site you can imagine. I had to copy and paste my link and then open a new web browser page, log into my account and paste the link. I no longer have to take all of those extra steps. Plus, their company has authority in search engines like Google, so my posts can be easily found rather than lost somewhere in the search results.

In addition, Empower shows you how to drive even more traffic to your post and convert that traffic into actual sales. But you can't learn how to do it all without becoming a member. It's the first step to the road of success and you have to start somewhere, right?

There are three levels of membership:

Basic Membership - This gives you everything you need to get started and you have to start here to get to the next level. It's $25 a month for the basic package which includes, their blogging system, sales funnel system and capture pages, which are unique because you can personalize them. They also provide you with all of the tools and training your need to drive and convert traffic to your blog. Also, once someone becomes a part of your team and enrolls in this level, your membership is free.

The Inner Circle Membership - Here you'll have the addition of the top producers in this company at your fingertips. They'll guide you through the steps they used to get to the top. This package is $100 a month, but if you're at this level, chances are you took this step because you're making your goals already. And again, once someone becomes a member at this level, your membership is free. How insanely cool is that?

Costa Rica Mastermind Membership - This is where you want to be. The ultimate goal you're working on because it's not only a 1 time $500 membership plan, it's also where you'll learn the most advance techniques in the marketing world today.

Now there are a few tips you should know about if you're considering a program like this one. You'll have to have a merchant account if you want to accept payments. The nice thing is you don't have to research the best one out there because Empower Network has already done that for you.

You may also want to consider investing in an autoresponder program once you've advanced in levels. Getting one is really optional, but it's a good idea if you want to keep in touch with your customers on a personal level.

That's really it. There's nothing more to purchase if you don't want to. It's pretty darn simple and I love the idea of blogging as a mom about the products I really care about, and making a little extra income in the process.

About the Author of this Article:

In her continuing efforts to be a stay-at-home parent, The Insane Writer has found programs like Empower Network just one of the many ways that will allow her to spend more time with her children.

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