June 4, 2012

The Death of Lois Lane

When one door closes, don’t open another. Just put up a wall and walk or fly away. It’s what Superman should have done with Lois Lane. Or at least left her to die in the rubble that killed her in the first place. There are no chances in this world and no trust anymore. And you certainly can’t change the world. Some of us just seem unworthy of true love or worth taking a chance with thanks to those who are untrusting.

We are the ones that close off our heart and eventually become cold and bitter. We trust no one and move in this world in silence, watch and learning, but never really taking down that wall. After all of the heartache and pain, why should we. I know several friends and even family members like this. I don’t blame them for doing what they do. I’ve seen the pain first hand and I feel for them, I truly do. I’ve been there myself more than once. I’m a master at it and a damn fool.