June 25, 2012

Blood Brothers - The Vampires of New York City

"You have to go." The Vampire stood his ground, wanting the woman he'd come to love, his Katherine, to be safe.


"You don't have a choice."

"I won't leave you Adrian." At her words, he hesitated for a moment, his eyes flared. He had no choice. He knew he would never hurt her. Never.

"Get out now!" At first she was stunned, but then a sadness in her eyes. His heart broke. He wanted to comfort her, to hold her in his arms and apologize for his words. For one brief moment. But those silent words were broken by the door busting open. It was too late. With one swift move, Adrian shielded her from his brother's fury. "She is mine! I will not let you have her."

"You cannot stop me brother."