May 30, 2012

Vlasic Pickles Still Going Strong With This Insane Writer

It amazes me some of the many searches people do on the web that are still going strong on my blog. A while back I wrote a post titled,  Vlasic Pickles VS. Walmart. Back then there was much controversy in the news because Walmart was causing hell over the little pickle company just trying to make a living by threatening to back out of the contract between the two if Vlasic didn’t sell their pickles to them at $1.00 a gallon jar, causing Vlasic to go bankrupt.

It still amazes me that Walmart is trying to knock out other companies so that they can be the cheapest on the shelves. I buckled down once and tried the great value brand of pasta sauce. Wholly cow it was loaded with so much sugar that I wasn’t the only one in this household gagging over it! 

Since then, I’ve avoided great value brands as much as possible, especially when it comes to their foods. They maybe cheap, but their quality is crap.

Instead, I tend to lean towards the fresh stuff from our local farmers market, or I create whatever I’m making from scratch. It ends up being much healthier and often times just as cheap as wal-mart’s great value brand.

I’ve also learned that some non-food products are cheaper than walmart’s brand. For example, Ajax dishwashing tablets are nearly $1.00 cheaper than the great value brand! I’m willing to bet, Ajax will be on wal-mart’s bad side next!