May 25, 2012

The Tropical Dream

She looked up to see tropical ceiling fans everywhere. It was like she had been taken to some tropical paradise. Yet she was in a warehouse where someone had transformed it into what looked like an island resort of sorts. It was amazing. So amazing that she wondered what she had done to deserve this surprise. Getting there however, had been a little strange.

She had been blind folded from the beginning of the ride, so that she didn’t know where she was the entire time. The person who had blindfolded her had also stayed silent through the ride. Not word to give away who it was. But she had a feeling it was her boyfriend Josh who had done this. Her family hated him because he had hit her a few times, but she knew that one day he would change and love her for who she truly was. She just knew it. And now that time had come and here she was in the most beautiful place she had ever seen, waiting to see the love of her life.

She felt like twirling around, dancing. She was living a dream. In her mind there was music playing and as it did, she danced, she twirled, round and round, until she was dizzy with laughter. But once she had stopped, she saw a shadow. He was here with her! He was here! The shadow stepped forward and she smiled, only to realize it was not Josh who had brought her here.