May 2, 2012

SheKnows Jack Crap in My Opinion

While pacing the floors waiting for results on a family medical matter, I decided to look up some of the recommended mommy blogs my Redbook magazine insisted I check out. From one of those blogs, I dug a little deeper and found a website the mom is a part of called, SheKnows. On the footer (bottom) of their website is a little section titled, SheKnows Everything Blogs. So thinking I’d find some cool stuff, I clicked on each of them.
Now here’s the thing. There are only 6, so I’m guessing these are the best of the best?
 Miso Vegan is the best they really have going for this section. I found quite a few yummy recipes, and I mean quite a few!
But the remainder of the 5 I clicked, scrolled and found useless.

  • The Wire – Blogs about some celebrities and some not. Useless gossip when you have nothing better to do than sit around eating bon bons and reading garbage on who’s doing what in Hollywood.
  • Sexcerpts – Blogs about that dentist who’s going to spend time in prison for getting revenge on the ex. What’s that have to do with a good romp in the bedroom?
  • Real Moms Guide – I must admit serves a good purpose and somewhat informative, just not what I was looking for.
  • Celebrity Photos – Just what the blog name suggests and another waste of internet space.
  • Reality TV Magazine – You know I’m not going to knock every reality show out there because biggest loser and extreme makeover were worthwhile in my opinion, but who needs to waste time reading about reality tv and their stars when we have a life to live.

  • Seriously, SheKnows doesn’t know everything. What’s your opinion?