May 27, 2012

The Rescue

The ISO27001 had tracked Dillon to the warehouse on Elm Road. The place had been abandoned for years, but he knew it would have been the perfect place for Dillon to work. It hadn’t taken him long to realize Dillon had an ulterior motive, that day. The difficult part had been going along with that motive.

He hadn’t expected him to push the car off the cliff and he was damn lucky that his speed had been quick enough to push open the door and jump to the rock’s edge before the car had crashed to the bottom of the cliff below him.

After that, he’d placed the tracking device on Dillon’s car and followed his every move. He knew Dillon wanted him out of the picture, but he was unaware that he wanted Mandy out as well until he saw Dillon leave without her from the warehouse, and the smoke billowing from a window in the back. His worst fear had just come true and if he didn’t move fast, she would be burned alive somewhere in that building.

As soon as he knew Dillon was gone, he ran into the building. It didn’t take long for him to find the room where she was in. The problem was, the fire had spread and the smoke was thick enough he could barely see. There was also another problem, he discovered. Dillon had put a lock on the cage and he hadn’t accounted for that. Damn.

He could hear Mandy screaming for help and it tore at his heart as he began to pick the lock. Finally the lock clicked and he thanked the heavens above as he pulled her from the cage and picked her up into his arms. she looked at him with disbelief. He knew what she was thinking,but he had no to explain.

“Josh? Oh my god Josh!” she smothered him with kisses as he picked up speed and exited the warehouse. He let out a heavy sigh. She had to know. Needed to know.

“Not quite.” Was all he could give her for now.