May 19, 2012

I Cheated On My Love, Magnolia Health and Home in My Home Town

Yesterday I ventured outside of my own territory and decided to check out a new tea shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma called, Teavana.I love teas and had this idea that I could find some new and unique flavors.

I had been a faithful customer of Magnolia Health and Home, where there are a huge variety of teas that I love, right here in Independence, KS. But I just had to venture out and find some new stuff.

Well it wasn’t so much of a true disappointment if not downright irked at the flavors or teas. It was actually the customer service experience. I have never in my life been very disappointed with a sales rep. Sure, I’m used to them telling fibs about how great a product is, but not when someone’s health could very well be in jeopardy.

I take my tea without sugar for a reason. Diabetes runs heavily in my family and I tend to get extremely dehydrated when I consume sweetened drinks. They make me very sick. I do not believe I need to go into a long lengthy story about this to a sales associate. It’s a waste of both of our time and boring. A simple, I cannot drink tea that is sweetened with anything, should be enough.

This sales rep was determined even after that fact, and claimed that their jasmine oolong tea was not sweetened. Okay, so I decided to put my trust in her. Took the sample she had offered and quickly learned that the tea was very sweet!

I then pointed out it was sweet and asked her if they put sugar in that one like the others she had mentioned. She then admitted they did, but just a little. A little is still enough to make someone who is not used to it, notice it! I noticed it alright and regretted it later.

After that swallow, I had to point out to her my long detailed reason of why I do not drink sweetened teas, then I walked away. I was nice about it, but still irked. She was playing with someone’s health! I can only hope after my little story, she does not do that to another customer. Always be honest in a situation like that. Always!

I understand the need to make a sale, but honesty is always the best policy if you want to make a sale and a customer. And for the sake of not getting sued. And the store should also  have teas available with sweetener as an option.

This is exactly why I tend to stick with the local businesses here in Independence, Kansas. Big businesses are only out to make a buck, not a relationship with a customer who will keep coming back over and over again. Big businesses just see us as a number. Nothing more.

My favorite and first love, Magnolia Health and Home, has exceptional and outstanding customer service. Brian and Ryan, and their crew go way above and beyond with a wonderful atmosphere,  customer service and their selection of teas as well as candles and bath and body products. They offer free samples of their teas, with sugar as an option on the side. They know my name and know my favorite teas. This is why I am a customer with them as much as my budget will allow me to be. They are my heroes!