May 17, 2012

Her Hero

He wore prescription glasses, which presented a huge problem. He couldn’t hide behind contact lenses because of his false eye, and he was blind without the glasses. Superheroes did not wear glasses. But she needed a hero and he wasn’t about to disappoint her. He wrapped the sheet around his neck, let out the breath he had been holding, and stepped out on the stage with a huge grin.

They were all cheering and clapping for him. For him! His grin became even bigger and then he saw her. She had turned to see what had captured the audience’s attention. She smiled, then gestured for him to join her. It was just like Clark Kent and Lana Lane. She was his Lana and would always be.

He walked across the stage, his head held high and stood by her side proudly. The kids would not make fun of her anymore. He had made sure of that. And they would not make fun of him.

So what if she had down syndrome. And so what if he did too. She was beautiful to him. “My hero. thank you.” She whispered to him as she grabbed for his hand.

“Yes.” He replied and then they both took a bow. Hero! He was her hero! It was a beautiful day.