May 1, 2012

Excuse Me, You Want What From This Insane Writer?

I thought I was in shock at the loss of a good friend, but find myself in even bigger shock at the selfishness of some people.

Today, I had to explain that I won’t be at some people’s personal beckon call due to the tragic circumstances that have recently occurred. Boy did I make those people mad. They just went on and on about how it put a damper in the fact that they hardly ever get to talk to me.

Well, excuse me that a friend’s passing has caused a great inconvenience to you!

And what’s really sad is it’s like dejavu when my mother passed away. There were certain individuals who decided my mother getting sick was taking away from their time with them and told me so.

You know, I don’t get angry very often. I try not to because I’ve learned that negativity and anger just causes an unnecessary stress. It’s better to have a positive outlook on life. However, there are some circumstances where certain people’s actions are just selfish and uncalled for, and I’m done. If you cannot have enough respect when tragic events unfold and I’m not available to you 24/7, you don’t deserve to be a part of my life.