May 25, 2012

A Change of Heart

The website ad read, for pet gates. He needed a pet gate and this would be the perfect place. No one would suspect a thing. He could put his plan into action and no one would know a thing. He had already taken care of his best friend. It had been so easy. He’d called him just before the trip he’d been planning for the summer to say that the road to the campgrounds were closed, and he would have to take a different route. He couldn’t believe his best friend had even fallen for. Then when he’d shown up, he’d drugged him with a drink, drove the car to the campgrounds, then pushed it off the cliff, with his best friend inside.

Now he was putting the second part of his plan into action. He had already used the abandoned warehouse as the biggest part of his plan. He’d decorated it to look like an island resort months ago.  He’d done his research well. He just needed to finish the plan. He already knew she would go without a fight. She’d loved his best friend even at his worse, and it sickened him.

He would blindfold her and take her to the warehouse. Let her look around at his perfection. Then, tell her the story he had rehearsed so many times in his head. He knew how she would react. It would be all too easy. Then once he had her, he would lock her in the pen and set the warehouse on fire. She deserved no one, just as his best friend did. He would let hell deal with their punishment, and walk away without a doubt that he had done the right thing. He had freed their souls from the evil that possessed them.