April 6, 2012

Writing and My Biggest Pet Peeve

In the past I’ve dealt with a lot of grief over being a writer online and making a living by staying at home as a parent. Back then it was about writing not being a real job and my job looked upon as playing online. While those problems have all but dwindled, I still have one major problem that irks me when it comes to my job being taken seriously.

My biggest pet peeve today is those that get downright rude and irritated at me because I don’t always answer my phone, respond to a text right away or answer the door when I’m working. And it doesn’t matter that I wait until later to answer them. I get an I’m pissed kind of attitude because you weren’t busy and didn’t bother to return, my text, call or answer the door. Well, excuse me, I am busy!

Or I’m asked to handle someone else’s I don’t want to do it job because they think I’m available since I can work whenever. Not always the case people. I do have kids I have to work around. I try to do my work while they’re in school, that way I’m free to take care of them when they’re home from school.

So what about you? Do you work from home and find it can be a rude interruption when you’re in work mode?