April 26, 2012

Why This Insane Writer Won’t Attend Church Services

When do elder members in a church cross the line? I’ll tell you when. When they do not allow a member of the church to pray for their own child and then call that member from a pastor’s phone after that member had tried to ask a pastor whether not being allowed to pray for their child was appropriate. cross

The elder’s phone call then went on to say the member could not contact the pastor again and if there was any questions, they could simply ask the elder. They also told the member that by contacting the single pastor and because the member was single as well, that member was allowing the devil into the church and it was inappropriate to contact the pastor and he was not there to meet the personal needs of that member.

And then I read that a teacher was let go from teaching at a school of god because she wanted to have children. What is wrong with the world today?

This is the exact reason this insane writer is not fond of the whole church thing. Now, don’t get me wrong. I realize that it’s not the church itself, and not everyone involved in the church is dead set on making sure that anything they deem as a wrong is their business and they will handle it the way they see fit. Think before you speak. A pastor is there to help a member of the church with questions they may have pertaining to praying, a request for prayer, etc. They are there to help.

Now I cannot understand how asking the pastor why that member wasn’t allowed to pray for their child was considered a personal need. I just can’t. But one thing is for sure. That elder has no right to call herself a woman of god. Just as no pastor has the right to decide that a woman cannot have children. God would not condone their actions.