April 4, 2012

The Texas Twister That Scared a Man

He was 405 pounds overweight and it scared him. He’d heard about diet pill safety, but had never really paid attention to the warning signs until now. His sister had been overweight too, and had died from heart failure due to her weight. It had taken him so long to get over her death and in reality, he was still mourning the loss of his sibling. But yesterday afternoon had been a terrible experience.

The day had started out beautiful, and then suddenly without warning, tornadoes had touched down in his town of Dallas, Texas and before he knew it, he was fighting to stay alive.

He had no basement to take shelter in, and the pills he’s started taking had actually made him lightheaded and dizzy during the severe weather, making it impossible for him to drive anywhere. Then, the tornadoes came and he thought he was going to die.