April 2, 2012

The Texas Man Comes Undone

He needed a good quality skid steer loader in Texas and he needed one now. It would take a few days to get the job done, but it had to be finished and the company he’d first been interested in purchasing from wanted more for one than he was willing to pay. He didn’t care if it was used or not, as long as it got the job done and this company seemed to be a reputable place, which was more than he could have once said about himself.

Times had changed however, and now he was ready to turn his life around for the good of things to come. To help others and this family needed help before the severe thunderstorm came in. They were homeless and had no money or place to go. The land they had purchased had been ripped out from underneath them and now with babies in tow, they were getting ready to face the severe April weather. And come hell or high water, he would not fail. Even if it meant selling his soul to the Devil himself, which he already had done a century ago.