April 15, 2012

Dare I Say, Off With His Head!

brick wall 2I hate Alice in Wonderland with a mad passion. I really do. Therefore, it’s kind of insane and ironic that I title this post like the words so close to the queen in the story. But alas there are times I feel like the mad hatter and other times I feel like the Queen in the story. By the way, I loved Johnny Depp in the movie, just hated the story itself, even the original. Hell, you could beef it up to be an action flick with actor Vin Diesel and I would still hate it, but love Vin! Anyhow, this post really isn’t about that. It’s about all men who treat women like the scum of the earth when all they have done is been kind and stood behind them 100 percent.

Ladies, if you have a guy like this, run like hell as fast as you can and do not look back. Get the fuck out while you can. Don’t make an excuse for their miserable asses. It’s not your fault that they are jerks. Now don’t get me wrong, not all men are this way. However, I hear everyday from friends how bad things are and it makes me think that 99.9 percent of the male population needs to be shipped to some secluded island somewhere and taught some manners, the hard way.

And to those that think it’s okay to slap a woman around, let her take some boxing lessons, then tie you up and knock you the fuck out! And for those of you who say I don’t hit, but it’s no big deal that I call my woman the B word or tell her she’s stupid, dumb, to shut the F up, etc. you need a slap of reality in the face. Those words hurt. You want a good girl that won’t love elsewhere, but you treat her like she’s worthless. You don’t let her out of the house, you sleep around on her, yell at her, doubt her, or do things that you think you have the right to do and when she does the same, you decide it’s okay for you, but not okay for her. JUST STOP! If someone doesn’t shoot you into an early grave, chances are you’ll put her in one.

Love her, cherish the moments you spend with her, give her your heart and she’ll treat you like you are her life. Girls, and there are some out there…. Don’t treat a good guy like crap just because you’ve been burned before, or just because he’s not rich and famous, or he doesn’t have god-like features. JUST DON’T!