April 16, 2012

Congratulations! I Didn’t Win the Lottery!

I’ve won the lottery! Yep! According to the UK lottery and a few other countries, I’ve won! It’s been all over my email or should I say, my spam mail! I am so very lucky! Now I wonder what should I do with my fake winnings? Get the heck out of Independence, Kansas, that’s for sure! And tell no one that I won because I know way too many people who would come out of hiding just to kiss my butt for a taste of the money.

But alas, it’s all a scam that sadly many people still fall for. And lately, a lot of scammers are using money in any form to scam their victims and fool yahoo and other email service providers into thinking it’s not spam!

About a few weeks ago I received an email stating that someone had seen my resume and wanted to hiring me as a writer. All I needed to do was open up the attached file about the company and go from there. Well, something just didn’t sound right. And I may be insane, but I’m not that insane!

First off, I didn’t recognize the company that had sent me the email. That’s always a red flag for me.

Second, the email address it was sent to was not my professional email address that I use when sending out my resume. Another red flag.

So, I did my research like we writers tend to do, and found out the email was indeed spam! And I was pretty sure the attachment was some sort of virus. So always do your research before you believe anything you’re sent in an email. I know the economy has us trying to find all sorts of ways to legally keep our heads above water, but there are also way too many scammers out there using that knowledge as a way to illegally make a fast buck and steal your information. Better to be safe than sorry I always say!